Top 10 cool use of NFC tags

The power of NFC technology lies in its fast, seamless, and secure nature, enabling connected interaction between smartphones and physical media at the touch of a button. By integrating it into new business applications, such as interactive advertising, membership activation, point rewards, and information sharing on packaging and products, it can provide consumers with a new consumer experience. Merchants can also use it to collect data on every interaction of consumers and gain insight into consumer behavior.


So, in addition to the current application in the field of retail payment and public transportation, in what ways can NFC technology be creatively applied to the interaction with consumers, thus opening up a new business model? Here are 10 examples of innovations from the world’s most innovative companies using NXP’s best-in-class NFC technology, tell me about your use of NFC.

#1 Interconnection during the journey – Mini’s NFC car key

BMW’s automotive hotspot LTE device is an NFC technology accessory that enables consumers to quickly access the Internet while driving. It allows up to eight smartphones to connect to the vehicle’s WIFI transmitter at the same time, as long as they will have NFC technology-enabled phones with a single touch on the LTE tag on the hotspot. BMW’s Mini F56 uses NFC technology in the car key case, and users can immediately activate and pair Bluetooth through a smartphone that supports NFC technology

#2 Cheers to NFC – Supports connected beer machines

Guinness Brewery has launched a mobile brand engagement program using NFC. In the UK and Ireland, NXP’s NFC label has been applied to thousands of Guinness beer machines. Consumers can download a mobile app on their smartphone and tap Guinness’s famous harp logo for a chance to win a free 500 ml beer.

The use of NFC technology in bars is not limited to beer machines on the bar. Carlsberg Beer has developed a unique “NFC Beer Coaster” that customers in Denmark can use to download the mobile app Crowddit (a mobile app to help you find various bars) and receive promotional information for related venues. Don’t look at the NFC coaster as a small and inconspicuous sheet, it can greatly help the bar increase traffic and sales.

#4 Dressed in a way – NFC men’s shirt

Four Levent’s men’s shirt comes with an NFC tag on both cuffs. Consumers can set the content of the label, such as the address of the customer’s company to be visited today, and the web pages frequently visited. Just put the phone on the shirt NFC tag with a touch, and you’re ok.

#5 The perfect blend of old and new – NFC print advertising

One of the most powerful applications of NFC technology is to connect physical devices to the digital world – transforming any physical medium and object into a dynamic brand and content experience vehicle for the user. One example is that BMW and Der Spiegel worked together to create Germany’s first large-scale production of NFC print advertising. Readers can launch the latest BMW iApp on their phones simply by placing their NFC-enabled smartphones on print ads with NFC tags. Subsequently, you can explore BMW’s interactive information and services on the APP.

#6 Digital tattoos – NFC electronic skin

The “Digital Tattoo” developed by VivaLnk is actually an electronic skin with an embedded NFC tag. This extremely thin sticker on the wrist can communicate seamlessly with smartphones. Electronic authentication helps users unlock their phones, making the whole process faster, simpler and safer.

#7 Get inspired – create your own designs

The Smithsonian Design Museum has developed an NFC-based solution for its exhibits, allowing visitors to become designers and create their own digital designs. Each visitor will receive an NFC stylus with an electronic drawing tool on one side and an NFC reader on the other. Some objects in the museum, such as wallpapers, lamps, furniture or vases, are equipped with NFC tags. When these NFC tags come into contact with the pen reader, the exhibit’s design pattern is stored in the pen memory and then sent to an interactive screen where guests can improvise using the pen. Once you’re done, you can also share your creations with your friends via email or social media.

#8 Offline experience, home online shopping, NFC to help you remember me! is an online home furnishing retailer that also owns an offline showroom. Each piece of furniture is tagged with an NFC tag. When a customer’s smartphone touches the label, they will see additional information related to this item/product. In addition, customers can quickly create shopping lists with the help of NFC tags, forward them to personal emails, and when they return home to shop online, they will not forget the furniture of their choice. Offline experience and online shopping, just like this, seamlessly connected.

#9 Talking store — NFC shelves

Kraft Foods used NFC-enabled in-store labels for U.S. supermarkets. Shoppers can search for useful content every time they touch a shelf tag, including special offers, instructional videos or recipes, and share it with the public. In addition, customers are invited to download Kraft’s iFood Assistant app to browse more recipes, generate shopping lists, and find nearest stores at home.

#10 NFC enabled packaging hits the shelves

Indola is introducing products with NFC tags in the packaging that consumers can use to access product information, branded tutorials and new techniques. Shampoo is no longer just shampoo, it’s also the portal to more engagement, and a much better shopping experience.

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