RFID – Waste Bin Identification of Waste Collection

Ⅰ. Introduction

With the continuous improvement of living standards, people pay more and more attention to the surrounding living environment. The administrative difficulty of the municipal department is increasing, the traditional management mode can not meet the modern requirements, there are many management bottlenecks.

With the development of radio frequency identification (RFID) technology and satellite positioning technology, the management technology of electronic tagging, electronic monitoring and on-line monitoring, etc., it has a good technical foundation to realize the new leap from traditional manual processing to modern intelligent management. The electronic tag management system of Garbage Bin is based on RFID technology, combined with GPS and GPRS technology to realize garbage bin transportation management and real-time positioning monitoring function, provide basic information support and technical support for the environmental protection department in the process of garbage disposal.

Ⅱ.The Composition of the system

RFID tags, readers, GPS trackers, software including management software and card writing software.

Ⅲ. The system workflow

  1. Paste the RFID tag on the outside of the bin (low frequency, high frequency, ultra high frequency can be selected)
  2. Install an RFID reader on the garbage removal truck, in the process of garbage collection, the RFID reader reads the tag information, and then sends its information to the background database through the network.
  3. Equipped with GPS positioning system on the garbage removal truck, through the digital remote monitoring platform, the sanitation operation vehicle operation compliance rate is monitored and counted, the operation route, driving speed, operation time, etc. of the operation vehicle are remotely monitored, and the vehicles that exceed the speed, do not leave the car on time, and do not drive according to the prescribed route are punished, and the standardization of vehicle operation is continuously improved.
  4. Install video surveillance probes in sanitation parking lots and garbage transfer stations, and connect the probe signal to the command hall to achieve remote real-time monitoring. The real-time work of sanitation parking products and garbage transfer stations is clear at a glance on the management platform, making supervision and scheduling more intuitive.
  5. Ⅳ. The characteristics of the system

    1. Digital sanitation management is the comprehensive application of computer technology, wireless network technology, GIS geographic information technology, GPS status technology, video surveillance technology, through the establishment of a unified management information system. Implement the supervision of the effect of sanitation operations, sanitation operation vehicles, sanitation facilities, waste terminal disposal, and the whole process of control of the sanitary environment, so that sanitation operation problems can be detected early and quickly solved.
    2. Management personnel can grasp the city’s sanitation operations in a comprehensive, real-time and transparent manner, grasp possible problems at any time, coordinate the allocation of operational resources, and multi-level collaborative processing. Make rapid responses to emergencies, establish real-time interaction between management departments and operators, and maximize emergency response capabilities.
    3. Through the digital sanitation management system, it can realize the real-time grasp of front-line management, the performance of the operation department, timely reflect the response sensitivity of each department and the effect of dealing with problems, can avoid the surprise operation implemented to cope with the superior inspection, form a long-term management assessment mechanism, and make the sanitation management more scientific, reasonable and standardized.
    4. RFID technology, GPS positioning technology, video surveillance technology and network technology combined, real-time data collection, automatic analysis, to help managers better and more scientific management of the city.

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