Bolt & Screw RFID Tags

Bolt & screw RFID tags to permanently affix an RFID Tag to an item or asset.

The RFID screw tag is an RFID tag with high chemical resistance and 360 degrees reading performance for manufacturing control applications with an operating temperature of -40C ~ +80C.   (depends on reader). Coated with special steel alloy and high grade reinforced epoxy, one tag can be used for years depending on your application.


The body of the bolt is composed of a particular type of tooling steel that has undergone a hardening or treatment process to enhance its durability and lifespan. Currently, in various automotive applications, this screw tag is affixed to a component, often made of metal, and programmed with necessary information. Once its purpose is served, the data is wiped, and the tag is detached, making it ready for reuse from the start of the process. However, new uses for these screw tags have emerged, particularly in industries like oil and gas. For instance, a screw tag can be inserted into a component such as a valve, cylinder, or plate serving as a bolt. Once in place, it facilitates tracking and tracing operations for activities like field servicing after the equipment is installed or operational. These tags are encapsulated within a hard casing, often made from a tough material such as stainless steel or high-density plastic. This allows them to withstand harsh environmental conditions, including high or low temperatures, moisture, dust, and chemical exposure. Features Durability: These tags are often made of robust materials like metal or high-density plastic, enabling them to withstand harsh environments and rough handling.

  • Permanent Attachment: They can be screwed or bolted directly into materials, providing a very secure and permanent method of attachment.
  • High-Temperature Resistance: Many RFID bolt & screw tags can withstand extreme temperatures, making them suitable for environments with high or low temperatures.
  • Chemical Resistance: Some of these tags have a high resistance to chemicals, allowing their use in environments where they may be exposed to various chemical substances.
  • Optimized Read Performance: These tags are designed to provide excellent read performance, often with 360-degree readability.
  • Versatility: They are suitable for a wide range of applications, from asset tracking in industrial environments to inventory management in warehouses.
  • High Frequency: RFID bolt & screw tags typically operate at high frequencies (13.56 MHz or UHF), providing a good read range.
  • Data Storage: These tags can store data that can be read by an RFID reader, providing a way to identify and track the item to which the tag is attached.
  • Longevity: Given their durable nature, these tags can often be used for many years, depending on the specific application and environment.
Additional Information:  
Material Steel + Ceramic
Size M10, M12, M15,  M22 mm or customized sizes
Color black
Anti-metal yes
Weight depended on type
Protocol ISO 14443A / ISO15693
Frequency 13.56MHz
Chip Ntag213/215/216, Mifare Ultralight EV1,MIFARE Classic EV1, Icode slix, etc
Read distance 0.5meter
Data retention 10 years
Operating condition -40 -150 C
Storage condition -20 ~ 45 C
Water proof IP68
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