HF Flexible FPC RFID Tags

The HF Flexible FPC RFID Tags, a compact and adaptable RFID solution. FPC stands for “Flexible Printed Circuit,” which essentially implies that these RFID tags are designed with flexible circuits that can be conformed to fit various shapes and sizes, easy to bend and fold. Protocol: ISO14443A,ISO15693; Frequency: 13.56MHz; Embedded or Glue, on-metal or non-metal.


The HF Flexible FPC RFID Tags is a versatile and flexible radio frequency identification (RFID) solution. As the name suggests, it is made using Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC) technology, which offers durability and allows for customization in various sizes according to different requirements.   Flexibility: The most distinctive feature of these tags is their flexibility. This allows them to be bent, folded, or manipulated into different shapes, making them suitable for a variety of applications that require unique form factors.   High Frequency: Operating on the High Frequency (HF) band (typically around 13.56 MHz), these tags offer a balance between read range and data transfer speed. This makes them ideal for applications requiring a moderate read range, such as access control, item tracking, and contactless payment systems.   Durability: Despite their flexible nature, these RFID tags are highly durable. They can withstand challenging environmental conditions and are resistant to issues such as vibration, shock, and impact.   Versatility: Given their flexible nature and the benefits of HF RFID, these tags can be used in a wide variety of applications. They can be integrated into clothing for smart apparel, affixed to curved surfaces like bottles, or used in applications that involve movement or bending.   Ease of Integration: FPC RFID Tags can be easily integrated into existing systems, as they adhere to the established RFID standards.    


Dimensions (mm) 5*5mm,13*8mm, 12*22mm D 8mm, D 10mm, D18mm
Material FPC
Frequency HF  13.56MHz
Operating Temperature(°C) -40 to 85
Storage Temperature(°C) -40 to 80
IP Rating IP65
Applicable Surface Non-metal, On-metal
NFC Standard Type 2 / Type 5
RF Interface Protocol ISO/IEC 15693 ISO/IEC 14443A
Color Yellow
Options Adhesive On-metal

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