HF RFID Disk Tag

HF RFID Disk Tags are a type of RFID tag that is made of ABS material, which makes them durable and resistant to harsh conditions. They can be mounted on items with metal surfaces using adhesive or screws, and the flat surface can be laser marked with a logo or numbering to assist with visual identification.


HF RFID Disk Tag is the cheapest solution with visible antenna and slim thickness, normally used as an OEM component when users wish to build their own Tags using this core component or by themselves, with or without sticky backing.   The tag can be attached to items using adhesive or screws, depending on the requirement. This flexibility allows for both temporary and permanent mounting, adding to the convenience of use.   Additionally, the HF RFID Disk Tag features a flat surface that can be laser marked with a logo, numbering, or other identifying marks. This enhances visual identification and allows for easy categorization and sorting of tagged items.   Applications for Asset tracking and logistics, Returnable transport items, Automation and manufacturing, Waste management.   Available customizations are the following: Laser engraving (available only for Black Disk:  Serial UID, serial progressive number from database, randomize number from database text. Other customization for your disk are the following: Silk printing (available only for White Disky:4-colors printing logo (depends on logo type). Pre-Encoding: Customer specific encoding LF or HF (ISO15693 or ISO14443) user memory. For NFC chip encoding memory with different type of NFC (E-mail, URI etc).  


Dimensions (mm) D 25mm, D 30mm,D35mm,   D40mm,   D45mm,   D52mm
Material ABS, PC
Frequency HF  13.56MHz
Operating Temperature(°C) -40 to 85
Storage Temperature(°C) -40 to 100
IP Rating IP67
Applicable Surface Non-metal, On-metal
NFC Standard Type 2 / Type 5
RF Interface Protocol ISO/IEC 15693 ISO/IEC 14443A
Color Black / Blue / Green / Red / Yellow/ Customized
Options Inkjet Engraving Laser Engraving AdhesiveOn-metal

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