HF Small PCB RFID Tags

A notable feature of the HF PCB RFID Tag is its adaptability for insert molding processes. This means the tag can be seamlessly integrated into a variety of items during their manufacturing process, resulting in a durable and secure tagging solution. Flexible and easy to fit into any spaces. Protocol: ISO14443A,ISO15693; Frequency: 13.56MHz; Embedded or Glue


description The HF PCB RFID Tag is a versatile and flexible radio frequency identification (RFID) solution. As the name suggests, it is made using Printed Circuit Board (PCB) technology, which offers durability and allows for customization in various sizes according to different requirements.   RFID Tags are made from a PCB back plain with etched Antenna on top, a thin Tag also adept for OEM opportunities, normally used as an OEM component when users wish to build their own Tags using this core component. Like for toys, food, tobacco, wine, drug, cosmetic, accessories and other high-end products trace-ability, security and home entertainment applications, wearable smart application and some insert applications.   The Tag presents an adaptable and reliable solution for asset management. Its flexibility in terms of size, combined with the ability to be insert molded, makes it an excellent choice for a broad spectrum of applications, particularly those involving small items or spaces.  

  • Durable and resistant to harsh environments
  • Flexible and easy to fit into small spaces
  • Available in a variety of sizes and shapes
  • Can be customized with logos, branding, or other information


Dimensions (mm) 5*5mm,13*8mm, 12*22mm D 8mm, D 10mm, D18mm
Material PCB
Frequency HF  13.56MHz
Operating Temperature(°C) -40 to 85
Storage Temperature(°C) -40 to 80
IP Rating IP65
Applicable Surface Non-metal, On-metal
NFC Standard Type 2 / Type 5
RF Interface Protocol ISO/IEC 15693 ISO/IEC 14443A
Color Black / Green / Red / Customized
Options Adhesive On-metal

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