RFID PVC Laminate Tags

RFID PVC laminate tags offer an added robust quality while maintaining a thin package. RFID laminate passes and tags are commonly used as employee badges, event credential passes, hanging onto an object and tote or pallet identification. RFID plastic laminate tags are available in stock with or without sticky backing and in a variery of sizes. Frequency at 13.56MHz.


RFID PVC Laminate Tags are sturdy yet sleek RFID solutions designed for a multitude of applications, one of most low-cost solution with high flexibility, adding a robust quality while maintaining a thin package. These tags are constructed using Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC), a robust and flexible plastic, which is then laminated to enhance its durability. Despite their reinforced quality, these tags retain a thin profile, making them unobtrusive and easy to attach to various objects. Employee badges are a common use case for RFID PVC Laminate Tags.   Advantage of PVC:

  • Low cost;
  • Abundant sources;
  • Easily processing;
  • Flexible;
  • Insulation;
  Available customizations are the following: Laser engraving:  Serial UID, serial progressive number from database, randomize number from database text. Other customization for your disk are the following: Silk printing: 4-colors printing logo (depends on logo type). Pre-Encoding: Customer specific encoding LF or HF (ISO15693 or ISO14443) user memory. For NFC chip encoding memory with different type of NFC (E-mail, URI etc).    


Dimensions (mm) Customized
Material PVC
Frequency HF  13.56MHz
Operating Temperature(°C) -40 to 85
Storage Temperature(°C) -40 to 220
IP Rating IP68
Applicable Surface Non-metal, On-metal
NFC Standard Type 2 / Type 5
RF Interface Protocol ISO/IEC 15693 ISO/IEC 14443A
Color Black / White
Options Inkjet Engraving Laser Engraving AdhesiveOn-metal

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