Rugged HF RFID Stickers

Rugged HF RFID stickers are a type of RFID sticker that is designed to be durable and withstand harsh environments, work at 13.56MHz frequency, complies with the ISO15693 and ISO14443a standard. Personalized size, Inlay and IC.


Rugged HF RFID stickers are specifically crafted to offer both resilience and optimal performance in challenging environments. Operating at the 13.56MHz frequency range, these stickers are in compliance with the ISO15693 and ISO14443a standards, ensuring compatibility and interoperability in various applications.   They are typically made of materials that are resistant to water, dust, and chemicals. They may also have a protective coating that helps to prevent them from being damaged.   Our RFID labels comply with international standards and are printable with standard printers. We have different internal integrated circuits (IC) depending on the memory required.   The materials and adhesives used in the standard RFID tag are manufactured according to your needs; standard paper, polyethylene, polyamide, cardboard or special adhesives, among others.   We offer different delivery formats for greater convenience according to customer needs, and we ship worldwide.     Key Features:

  • Frequency Range: These stickers work consistently at a frequency of 13.56 MHz.
  • Compliance with Standards: Designed in line with the ISO15693 and ISO14443a standards, ensuring a broad scope of application and interoperability.
  • Durable Design: These stickers are created with materials and design features that allow them to endure in tough environments, resisting potential damages from wear and tear.
  • Custom Dimensions: They can be tailored in size to best suit the specific application or asset they are being attached to.
  • Selectable Inlay & IC: Depending on the specific requirements of an application, users can choose the appropriate inlay and integrated circuit (IC) for the sticker.
    Available customizations are the following: Customized: Customized different size by the customer different project request. Printing: Monochrome printing or 4-colors in offset, starting from a graphic layout  equipped by the customer in vector format . Serial number, barcode or EPC printing. Other customizations are available on demand.    


Dimensions (mm) 15*15mm, 26*11mm, Customized
Material PET, Polyester
Frequency HF 13.56MHz
Operating Temperature(°C) -40 to 85
Storage Temperature(°C) -40 to 85
IP Rating IP64
Applicable Surface Non-metal
RF Interface Protocol ISO15693, ISO14443A
Color White
Applications Industrial Settings Healthcare Outdoor Use Asset Management

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