UHF Flexible RFID Laundry Tag

UHF RFID laundry tags are specially developed for the sheet laundry and work clothes market. They are designed to be durable and resistant to washing, drying, dry cleaning, and ironing, have a long reading range, ideal for large laundry facilities.


The UHF RFID laundry tag is a flexible and durable tag that is specially designed for use in sheet laundry and work clothes applications. It has a long reading range of up to 5 meters and allows simultaneous reading, which can improve the efficiency of the laundry process. The tag is also suitable for washing, drying, dry cleaning, and ironing, making it ideal for use on a variety of textiles, clothing, garments, and accessories.   Design & Structure:

  • Small, soft, and flexible: This makes it easy to attach to sheets and work clothes without causing damage.
  • Suitable for washing, drying, dry cleaning, and ironing: This means that the tags can be used on sheets and work clothes that are subjected to these processes.
  • Allows simultaneous reading: This can improve the efficiency of the laundry process.
    Available customizations are the following: Design: Customized different size by the customer different project request. Printing: Monochrome printing or 4-colors in offset, starting from a graphic layout  equipped by the customer in vector format . Serial number, barcode or EPC printing. Other customizations are available on demand. EPC code encoding: Encoding of EPC code of RFID UHF transponders.    


Dimensions (mm) 55*12*2.5mm
Material Silicone
Operating Temperature(°C) -40 to 180
Storage Temperature(°C) -40 to 85
IP Rating IP68
Applicable Surface Non-metal
RFID Chip NXP Ucode 9
RF Interface Protocol EPC Class1 Gen2 ISO/ISO18000-6C
Color White, Blue
Reading Distance 0-5 meter
Optional EPC encoding Laser printing Pocket

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