UHF RFID for Tire Industry

UHF RFID Tyre Tag with special adhesive and low gum bleed pattern, developed for affixing directly onto tyres for effective supply chain management. long read range, resistance to harsh environments, small size, and cost-effectiveness. Protocol: ISO18000-6C/EPC Gen2; Frequency: 860-960MHz.


UHF RFID tags are used in the tire industry to track tires throughout their lifecycle. They can be embedded in tires to track their movement through the supply chain, or they can be attached to tires to track their performance.

  • Tire identification and tracking: UHF RFID tags can be embedded in tires to track their movement through the supply chain. This helps to ensure that tires are not lost or stolen, and it can also be used to track the performance of tires over time.
  • Tire pressure monitoring: UHF RFID tags can be used to monitor tire pressure in real time. This can help to prevent tire blowouts and improve fuel efficiency.
  • Tire theft prevention: UHF RFID tags can be used to deter tire theft. When a tire with an embedded UHF RFID tag is stolen, the tag can be read by a reader, which will alert the authorities.
  • Tire inventory management: UHF RFID tags can be used to track tire inventory in warehouses and distribution centers. This helps to ensure that tires are always available when needed.
    Key Features: Small and compact in size. Provides consistent UHF range performance. Adheres to the EPC Class 1, Gen G2 (C1G2) Protocol. Exhibits excellent performance on rubber materials.     Available customizations are the following: Design: Customized different size by the customer different project request. Printing: Monochrome printing or 4-colors in offset, starting from a graphic layout  equipped by the customer in vector format . Serial number, barcode or EPC printing. Other customizations are available on demand. EPC code encoding: Encoding of EPC code of RFID UHF transponders.    


Dimensions (mm) 95*35*3mm
Material Rubber
Operating Temperature(°C) -40 to 100
Storage Temperature(°C) -40 to 85
IP Rating IP67
Applicable Surface Non-metal
RFID Chip Impinj R6P
RF Interface Protocol EPC Class1 Gen2 ISO/ISO18000-6C
Color Black / Blue
Reading Distance 0-2 meter
Application Identification Record maintenance High Temperature & Pressure Resistant for tracking Tamperproof To aviod exchange of tyres

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