UHF RFID Smart Card

The UHF 6C electronic tag is a UHF UHF tag with a frequency of 860-960MHZ, which can be made into a hard card or a flexible tag.


1.The UCODE HSL IC (UCODE High Frequency Smart Label) is a dedicated chip for passive smart labels, especially for supply chain management and US logistics applications, where an operating distance of several meters is possible. In addition, the UCODE HSL technology platform is also designed for European norms.   The IC is the first in a family of ICs for smart labels and is compliant with ISO standards 18000-4 and 18000-6 for future item management.   The UCODE system can simultaneously operate multiple tags (anti-interference, interference arbitration) within the range of the reader antenna field.   UCODE HSL series ICs are designed for long distance applications. The tag requires no internal power supply. Its contactless interface is powered by the energy propagated by the interrogator (read/write device) via the antenna circuit, while the system clock comes from an on-chip oscillator. Data from the interrogator to the UCODE HSL tag is demodulated through the contactless interface and then the interrogator electromagnetic field is modulated for data transmission from the UCODE HSL tag to the interrogator.   Features and Benefits ■ Contactless data transfer and power supply (no battery required) ■ Working distance, depending on antenna size and local regulations, up to 8.4 m for a single antenna. ■ Operates within the published frequency bands of operation: 860 MHz to 960 MHz, and 2.4 GHz to 2.5 GHz. ■ High data integrity: 16-bit CRC, frame format ■ Interference arbitration has real anti-interference ability ■ Write distance is equal to 70% of read distance   Memory ■ 2048 bits ■ 64-bit UID, located in memory byte 0 to byte 7. ■ 216 bytes of user-definable access conditions (memory bytes 8 to 223) ■ Data retention period is 10 years ■ Write operation endurance is 100 cycles   Safety ■ Each device has a unique serial number ■ Each byte provides a locking mechanism (write protection)   Application ■ Asset management ■ Supply chain management ■ Item-level labeling ■ Turnover box identification ■ Pallet and carton tracking ■ Product certification ■ Windshield labels    

  1. UHF 6C card (UCODE G2XL card/UCODE G2XM card/Alien 9662 card)
The UHF 6C electronic tag is a UHF UHF tag with a frequency of 860-960MHZ, which can be made into a hard card or a flexible tag.   Technical Indicators ■ There are 800-bit non-volatile memory 96-bit EPC ■ 512-bit UserMemory, 64-bit unique UID (cannot be rewritten) ■ 32-bit access and obfuscation passwords ■ Pre-programmed unique unchangeable 64-bit serial number, user storage can be managed in 64-bit blocks, can be permanently locked and protected with access passwords ■ Supports all mandatory and optional commands, including item-level commands, custom commands with high-speed write data ■EPC encoding of 30 tags can be written per second, low-power read and write operations ■ Excellent working distance, the general distance is 6-15 meters, and it can reach more than 15 meters with an appropriate antenna ■ Working frequency: 860MHz~960MHz   Application ■ Supply chain management ■ Logistics distribution ■ Product certification ■ Fixed assets inventory ■ Tracking, baggage handling ■ Tracking, item-level labeling ■ Community management      

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